supernal Liberty

  3. Appassionato
  4. Egao no Yukue
  5. Antique Nachtmusik
  6. Fun Fun★People
  7. FATE
  8. Vitalization -Aufwachen Form-
  9. Aishuu Twilight
  10. Setsuna Capacity
  11. Ladyspiker
  12. Rock You Baby!
  13. Million Ways=One Destination
  14. Bokura no Mirai
  15. Ai no Hoshi -two hearts-


I was surprised with how it started, it sounds so cool. I’m also amazed with the orchestra sounding so strong and epic. This is something a little more stronger than her usual songs, and I’m grateful for that. The voice I was expecting was something deeper as the sound made me think something like that. I am really liking the arrangement, is such a badass sound for Nana, as this is mostly pounding guitars with drums and the usual strings but more dramatic and awesome. There are a lot of amazing moments in the song and it’s a good way to start her new album 😀


So a more danceable style starts. I sense some Party Party vibes, but it changes because they add strings that make the style different and so sexy in its way. Nana is also making the song work because she tries to pull you and make you dance. There’s a lot of charm in it, but I’m more glad that it has a dark sound embedded, it reminds me a lot of Dancing in the velvet moon in certain parts. And the “do it..” they were telling me some friends, I understand why they are trapped by it xD. Another good song.


The PV for the album and composed & written by Nana. I already loved the song since I saw the PV and my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s such an amazing song since the beginning and shows strength everywhere. The sounds changes a lot when the chorus starts and seems chaotic but works for me. This is the type of song that shows the recent growth of Nana sound but combined with her Hybrid Universe (Faith & Zankou no Gaia) era. This seems like a combination of two songs, but for me they sound so Nana, so this is a perfect example of why she tries to do something different every time. I really like it and instant favorite obviously.

Egao no Yukue

The cover for the Dreams Come True song, I haven’t heard the original, but considering how the song sounds, it shows that is not of Nana but she is adding some of her style. Strange, the song reminds me to her first albums and I love the nostalgia of it, and Nana sounds so good in it while I’m loving as well the arrangement because it sounds what I thought GUILTY will be at first. A little essence of tropical sound appears with the bongos and some trumpets (I think). A funny and enjoyable song.

Antique Nachtmusik

The title sounds that it will be something dark and the intro makes me think that. Oh my god, the song tries a similar sound (in the back) as Kagiri aru Yume from Himeka and  makes me imagine something dark or haunted  (I’m trying to remember which game that sound is from, I thought at first Castlevania or Bowser’s Castle, Edit: I can now say that is from Stage of Legend of Zelda from Smash xD). This captured me so easily since the beginning, and works thanks to the amazing arrangement and Nana combined. Is just giving this dark, fast and badass sound all over it, this can be considered a more gothic like sound, and I love it!

Fun Fun★People

Why this wasn’t after Egao no Yukue? This was a good follow-up and worked thanks to the similar sound. I really love the sound, it reminds me a lot to Lovely Fruit but without that cute sugary style from the one mentioned. Is so enjoyable and fun to listen to, the way Nana sings makes it feel it that way combined with the arrangement. This is something she doesn’t try too much, but I am really fascinated with this choice because it works really good in every way. This can be another favorite, it sounds so gooood, and it will like a virus in your head. You won’t forget the song that easily xD.


Piano and strings at the start, gave a ballad style at first but changes a little. The song sounds a lot more like ONE and maybe that’s why they consider it forgettable, but I can’t discard it because it was written by Nana so it will have a place in my heart xD. The song sounds so calm and we needed something like that after pure power  from all the other songs. One of the problems I am seeing with the album until now is the placement (similar to the one in Ultimate Diamond). And that’s sometimes the reason some songs can’t be enjoyed completely as they should. Still it was enjoyable, but I prefer the other songs in the album.

Vitalization -Aufwachen Form-

I didn’t what could be the intro for this before the full song. It sounds so cool with the synths and strings and providing a futuristic sound before we have our song. And once the songs starts thank god it didn’t change at all, because this is one of those amazing songs from Nana that kept the Synchrogazer vibe. Such a badass song since the start as well Nana sings amazingly and I love the emotion she gave. This is obviously another favorite because the song kept the original sound and having a plus made it more amazing.

Aishuu Twilight

Another unexpected sound from Nana, and at first sounded like L’arc-en-ciel, but that is discarded as the song progresses. One of the things I can give a thumbs up is the arrangement, as it sounds so fresh for Nana and can be another style she can try several times more, because those little additions of jazz for the song sounded like a fresh breath. Nana made me love the song even more because she had a deeper sound which embraced the arrangement and made another amazing song for the album.

Setsuna Capacity

Now, this is what I though most songs (or some of them at least) will be, because it has the anison sound all over it. At least this one has a more cute and rocking sound which makes me stand a little away from the anison genre, but still in it. I think it sounded to another of her previous songs but adding a layer of cuteness to make it stand out. So at least until now you can remember it, because it’s the one with most anison sound xD.


With a rocking sound I was already prepared for something amazing. Nana using a tone like Etsuraku Camelia but with not enough punch was weird because of the rocking sound as I was expecting something better, but at least it does its job right. Although if it was something with a rock sound I was expecting a quicker pace or to be a little a faster, because it had the intentions, but keeps in the same rhythm and didn’t impressed me much. An ok song.

Rock You Baby!

Ok, now we’re talking about something faster. Just like the cute rocking song from ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS, this one covers the same spot, and I love how the rhythm makes me love it and Nana as well, because she used the right tone and at least for me made the song work. There are certain sections which remind me of Happy go round (that’s the one I was mentioning at the beginning) and was happy she tried this again. I like the brightness she is portraying along with the cuteness given all over the song. This was another pleasant song.

Million Ways=One Destination

What could be this be? Oh, another METRO BAROQUE it seems. Or I’m not sure because some sections make me think otherwise. I like the verses are a little different  and using more piano than strings in certain parts, as well the chanting was a great addition. The song seems like a mixture of several songs, but I am really liking at least the direction they are trying for it. But what I can say is that this is the follow-up song for METRO BAROQUE and Junketsu Paradox and I enjoy it.

Bokura no Mirai

Those titles are making me play games to guess how it will sound and I end up failing. This is another of those. This brings us to her first albums (sounds like Magic Attraction or Supersonic Girl era) and I think it sounds like Transmigration part 2, because the arrangement sounds just like that, and at least for the album is something to make it stand out. There are good things in it, like Nana’s voice and the guitar solo, and the nostalgia factor. I think this would’ve been an amazing song in her first albums.

Ai no Hoshi -two hearts-

A new version of the B-side of Vitalization consisting now of the harp to make it more pure or simple, but trying to portray the feeling the lyrics are giving. I loved the original version and I am liking so far this one, because the harp does its job right. But I think something more is needed once those high notes appear, because it just leaves Nana and I think a punch is needed to give it more emotion and feeling as to what it already is (the arrangement was marvelous for that job). Still is a lovely song and I love that Nana resang it and made some little changes to make it lovely.

Favorite Songs

Antique Nachtmusik

Fun Fun★People

Aishuu Twilight

Vitalization -Aufwachen Form-


Is it worth listening? Yes!!

First of all, this album is a different experience from ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS, and seems more in the lines of IMPACT EXCITER, because it has more experimentation. I think that’s why some will prefer ROCKBOUND because it’s her usual sound and doing the job right. Meanwhile this album seems a more experimentation route and works as well because there were a lot of songs that I really liked, and some new genres for her were good ideas. I think  the main problem I faced was the placement of the songs, because I think this could be different changing the order quite drastically xD. Still this is one of her best albums, to say at least.


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