Annabel – TALK



  1. I.C
  2. Konsen to Taiwa
  3. Shihyou
  4. Sky needle
  6. Alternative
  7. Kara no Naka
  8. Ao ni Tokeru
  9. Sprinter Trip
  10. Dream Reverse
  11. Mikansei na Hoshi no Juunin
  12. Small Worldrop


The opening of the album, and starts good with a more common rock sound. Annabel sounds good, and the rocking sound even if it sounds normal, the song for Annabel is something new and fresh as well. There are certain notes in the chorus that sounded anison for me or similar to other song, and I think it’s good. The verses sound strange with the simple drums and some electric guitar only noticeable at certain points. Also I just remembered that this maybe tries to remember me of SFP, but I think is the next song the one that has that feeling. This song was an amazing way to start the album, and the more I listen to it, I like it more.

Konsen to Taiwa

The PV for the album and this is the song arranged by one of the members of the disbanded SFP (keyboard), but you can already notice that this sounds like the band because it has that weird rocking sound and the signature of the weird keyboard sounds (just like in SFP) and Annabel works in this genre easily and I love that she work with him to make this song what it is. It differs from I.C but I think this was also a good choice as the opening for the album, but I don’t mind. An amazing song and deserves to be listened if you like school food punishment.


The B-side came in the album and I was so happy of this  because I consider this song one of her best until now. The song wasn’t changed and my opinion is still the same. The way the song presents itself using the normal rock song adding some strings was so amazing. There is a lot of dramatic thanks to the verses at first that seem slower than the next ones. I think Annabel had the right tone and mystery in her voice that made the song what it is. Even in the album this is an instant favorite, which is why I really love it 🙂

sky needle

One of the new songs is here, but changes the sound drastically using the acoustic guitar as primary instrument with Annabel singing so quietly and beautiful. The drums are added seconds later, with some strings and I think is now seeing similar to Shihyou(but only slightly), but more controlled with the use of the strings and no electric guitar at the moment. I am really loving this song, I don’t know if it’s the arrangement or Annabel, but I found myself embraced by the song as it is catchy and lovely, also I started to notice that the song reminds me of the miniascape era. I was thinking that certain moments of the song reminded me of another artist (not sure if Nana or other but the feeling is there). I was really surprised because the song isn’t drastic or using some experimentation, it was a good song using a normal set. Another favorite.


CLOUDY throws my idea away and tries weird sounds again, with those strange beats starting at the beginning. I at first thought it was similar to Akashi, but then sounded like a semi-reggae tune (it sounded to me in certain parts, I think is because of how Annabel sings). I’m not sure what to think of the song, I mean the arrangement is weird in the good way, but the whole idea I’m not sure of it. Maybe it’s a mix of ideas from her previous album or something like that, because there are some parts that remind me of it. It’s a good song, let’s leave it like that.


The 2nd A-side and last of the era, and I think it was a good idea to put this after CLOUDY, because they share a similar a sound, but not that similar. The mystery given by the arrangement was amazing at the time and now still is. The strings were a needed part of the arrangement to give that creepy mood. The song is another perfect example of Annabel trying something different and keeping her signature sound. I think this was her best A-side of the era and really works in the album. Definitely an amazing song.

Kara no Naka

The weird breathing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Annabel starts singing and is being followed by piano, but quickly joined by some drum. I am liking that there are several songs in the album that start building themselves during the verses and giving an unexpected chorus. There is the expected weirdness in the arrangement, but it’s not bad in this one. But there are some factors that left me with a wtf face. I think it’s ok but maybe can be remembered because of the weirdness.

Ao ni Tokeru

Thankfully we have the B-side for Alternative following, and this for me is a better way to entertain me, because the arrangement sounds amazing, and when the chorus starts I like the song more, maybe the mood was more drastic or dramatic and worked. So I think this is a good song to have in the album, because the song even with all the weirdness it can stand out. But if I compare it to most of the songs, I prefer the other ones (except those 2 weird I mentioned), but it’s a good listen.

Sprinter Trip

The one I thought will start like something random wasn’t it. The song sounds like a more happy tune followed by piano and drums and Annabel singing in a comfortable and happy tune. But for the chorus the sound expands and sounds similar to I.C in a way. I remember that the previous album had a happy song, but this is nothing like it. The song sounds weird not for the arrangement, but because this is something I never thought Annabel would do, but it turn out good and I like the song, because the album needed some sort of happy song.

Dream Reverse

This seems like the ballad of the album, similar to sky needle. The song uses mostly piano but more instruments help it stand out. The song is so slow apparently but tries to become a more mid tempo song, some synths or beats appear later on. I think this is a ballad in the Annabel style, but I notice something else, and is that she is singing the song in English which is a first for her, and I surprised that I can understand her more than other artists that I follow (Props for that ^o^).  The song is a stand out thanks to the simple arrangement and Annabel singing lovely and perfect for the arrangement, and I’d like that she tried more english songs, it could be interesting.

Mikansei na Hoshi no Juunin

We escape the ballad route again and some beats appear to make us notice the new song with some la la~. There is something reminding me of Kineorama in some way, with the semi-danceable sound and giving some happy environment for the song. The song doesn’t do much for me at first because it seems ok and nothing captures my attention, but at least the song it’s not bad, and has some good points that make me remember the song.

Small Worldrop

I don’t know why they choose this song as the ending of the album, considering there were better songs that serve as ending. The song itself is really good as I mentioned in my review. I really like the calm setting of the song and how they use the instruments as well. The chorus was the best part and since I saw the opening I fell in love with it. There is not much more I can say that I didn’t mention at the single review. But now seeing it in the album, this works in the concept of the album, because it shares a similar sound that was used in other songs. This is another amazing song from the album and I prefer this at the middle of the album, but there’s not much I can do.

Favorite Songs:

sky needle


Konsen to Taiwa

Dream Reverse


Is it worth listening? Yes!

I was surprised with the change of sound. After miniascape she tried more ideas and combined into this album and really worked. She tried more the rocking sound and using more experimentation was the deciding factor, but also having some refreshing tunes that were slow but not that much were the right choice. The single songs were good but didn’t affect the album songs, because they were in the same level. This album merged amazingly and as a whole it works really good. This can be another side of Annabel you can hear if you haven’t.




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