fhána – Que sera sera

que sera sera


  1. Que sera sera
  2. Kimi to iu tokui ten [Singular You]
  3. Que sera sera (Instrumental)
  4. Kimi to iu tokui-ten [Singular You] (Instrumental)

Que sera sera

This is the most calm song from their short repertoire (I just noticed), and also towana is singing in a more comfortable or calm tone. One thing I notice is that this song doesn’t have that anison vibe like their other songs, and that’s something cool if this is your single that starts your career with Lantis. The song combines the instruments of drums, strings way at the back, some xylophone (as always) and more to make the song really joyful and catchy. There is something in the song that makes me like it a lot, and I don’t know if it’s towana singing really cool or mixing that with the clever arrangement, but I’m leaning more over her vocals as she tried some high notes at some parts and I was amazed by it. Definitely is an amazing song and just showed that they will continue with great songs.

Kimi to iu tokui ten [Singular You]

This one is the anison type as I was expecting, because it has all the instruments you will normally find, but this one tries to go quicker and have some changes in some ways the strings are played. Towana is trying to use a more lower tone for the verses and was something different yet cool. The main problem will be the arrangement because sounds a lot as a normal anison tune, but their additions into the song were the thing that made the song more enjoyable at least, because the piano changes in certain parts, and the xylophone are their way to make the song different. At the end I was trapped by the song and frankly I really like it, thanks to the formulaic sound but using some clever ideas at the arrangement, and adding great vocals from towana. Not bad, but they have better.

Is it worth listening? Yes

This is their starting point and I’m glad they started like this. I know they have a single before, but that was before signing with Lantis, so it doesn’t cound. Que sera sera was an interesting single with two different songs and having some amazing vocals. I obviously prefer the A-side, but the B-side was ok. But this really shows they are a great band, I know their next singles are amazing(Already reviewed here) and I am hoping their new single really amazes me as well.


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