Annabel – miniascape



  1. sensonia
  2. My heaven
  3. Signal Graph
  4. Light of Dawn
  6. Akashi
  7. Seiro Koukou
  8. abysmal noise
  9. Hello Mellow
  10. Sayonara no Tsuzuki he
  11. torus
  12. anamnesis
  13. Kineorama
  14. above your hand


The album starts with one of the new songs, and starts really good with those strings and really depressive. That’s when Annabel starts singing combined with some piano and some weird sound used at the back. But once the background vocals start joining the song, it gets a lot more color and becomes more awesome. This is mostly how the song is but what I like is how she changes the arrange for each verse and sounds really different. For example the 2nd verse has now strings in it, and not the hitting of bells in it only. Those beats combined with strings are really awesome, it just makes feel awesome with that part and makes it stand out. Annabel sings really incredible and I love every part of the song A great way to start her 1st album.

My heaven

Her 2nd A-side begins and apparently she tries to continue the same depressing sound or really quiet. This time Annabel starts singing and combined with piano some strings and a beat at the back as well. But this one tries faster to become bigger in sound and that’s when the chorus arrives and I really like that it changes from the verses and it’s really strong and epic for me. I like how she adds some small details at each song she does, and brings different color in each song. The chorus for me this time was the best part of the song and I think she did a good job as well vocally in it. This is definitely a great followup for sensonia but I still prefer the other one because the sound of it sticks easily at my head.

Signal Graph

This song was I think one of my first favorite songs from Annabel. This obviously carries the anison sound, but doesn’t affect me at least, and even better I’m loving how Annabel sings the song, it’s cute and quite lovely. I started to notice several things like the little sections of guitar played which I didn’t notice before, or some traces of piano, which added more uniqueness to the song. I think Annabel tried to had the anison sound but adding her style in the song, and this time it worked so good. I’m really attached to this song, and every time I hear this song it always puts me a smile. One my early favorites of the album.

Light of Dawn

I didn’t know when I first heard the album, all of the tie-ins it had, and this song is another of those. But what surprised me was the arrangement, because it’s quite different of anything I’ve heard and those beats are so catchy. And when you combine this with Annabel, it’s almost perfect. This single was one of the first she released and this confirms she has making amazing music since starting as a solo artist (binaria was already amazing since it’s beginning). What I really love about this song is the choir at the middle section and they’re almost whispering but sounding so mysterious yet amazing. This rhythm would be the first to make her try that sound as a solo and we can notice that in some other songs she has done after this one. That ending was so perfect as well. This was another amazing song.


The B-side for Signal Graph and this one tries a similar sound as Light of Dawn, but this one with its arrangement it win me over. I mean it’s really cool and I love it, but I wanted more punch from Annabel, because I think the chorus needed more of that, but still was pleasant. I think she’ using a more cute voice and higher than normal which I don’t think it’s bad for this case. And I even can notice the electric guitar that made the song had more diversity. There’s a lot of aspects of this song that are amazing, but little flaws from my point of view. This was just as amazing as the A-side but the arrangement for this one was better, this I think is one of those needed to be listened.


The japanese intro was so cool and perfect. After this Annabel starts singing and it sounds so mysterious and ethereal. The song changes the perspective of the album it had at the moment. The arrangement is so slow but mysterious the first half of the song, and Annabel helps get that perspective. She uses the perfect tone for this type of song, and I’m really loving every part of the song at the moment, and that’s when the beat appears and makes me love it even more. That’s my favorite part of the song, the section where the beat starts and before returning to the usual sound, because it sounds so different and it gets stuck at my head. Definitely my favorite song from the album at the moment.

Seiro Koukou

The folkish intro was just lovely mixing the strings with some acoustic guitar, and I just noticed this wasn’t done at the album until this song. The song seems like an adventurous waltz  or something, but I don’t know how to explain this song in that matter. All I know is that the combination of strings with the guitar was really needed because of the calm nature of it, and it worked because the song sounds so different from the previous songs. The strings made this song what it is, and I just approve more of this type in the future.

abysmal noise

This sounds really obscure or weird in a good sense. The beat and Annabel were in sync, but what I noticed was that Annabel used a different tone for the verses and I appreciate the difference for it, but the other thing I noticed was the english, it’s the first time she included some of English in it, and it isn’t that bad. I know I mentioned it is really different from the other songs, but even so, I’m not captured as quickly as in the other ones. But doesn’t mean it’s a bad song, is the complete opposite. This one is so catchy at some points like the chorus or some middle sections, and at least I remember this song every time I hear it.

Hellow Mellow

I just thought this was the second part of Seiro Koukou, but having a more Disney like sound. But this was shattered and decided to go for a more cute sound, which I totally approve, because it’s cute good. This song reminds me a lot to the artist IU because she uses this type of sound for her K-pop songs.In fact it sounds a little like the song Good Day, and carries a similar flow in some parts of the song. This song was really lovely even so, I mean I know Annabel is singing in a higher-pitch tone, but it still works and brings a cuter side to the album. Definitely something I can constantly listen of the album.

Sayonara no Tsuzuki he

The sound becomes more minimalistic with this song, with just acoustic guitar and whispering vocals. Thankfully the song incorporates some instruments at certain points, but it’s not that much to say they’re always there. I notice the sensation of simplicity with this song, because it doesn’t have something to make it stand out, and I thought this would change at the middle of the song, but noooo, she wanted something simple.It reminds me of some songs from the “pieces” album of KOKIA At least there’s some parts of the song that make me like the song, like the final part of the song, but mostly the first chords of the song is what I mostly remember.


Another B-side was included and this one is too quiet, like the verses. What I do really approve of it, it’s the depressing arrangement and the solos it had after finishing the chorus. At least this song I can remember it easily and is also another KOKIA type of song. The strings were a nice addition for this song, which gave a little of color to it. Annabel sings calmly and brings that feeling to the song as well. It sounds like a calm and mysterious trip to a fantasy world, which at the end worked. This was a good song.


Apparently they wanted all the slower songs to be together to put you at sleep mode. As the ending of the anime another, this was something I didn’t expect for the anime. The song consisted of another simple arrangement with Annabel singing and joined by piano. The strings are obviously there, but it’s mostly to bring a more depressing feeling at the song, which works perfectly. This was the first song I heard from Annabel and I’m not sure it was the best choice because it doesn’t change a lot in sound and sounds so simple. But it has a don’t-know-what thing that makes me like it, it’s really calm and soothing for my ears. Annabel was singing so beautiful in the song and worked for me. A cool song but can put some in sleep mode.


This ones starts similar to Seiro Koukou and I’m grateful for a more colorful song and lively. This one seems more like a waltz  and I don’t know why this reminds to a song of nagi (not sure if her). The strings and the harp were a nice addition at the song, and they’re what gives the feeling of something beautiful to the song. I’m really liking the song, and better yet, Annabel is singing really cool and fits the mood of the song, maybe some can’t remember this song, but for me it works thanks to the arrangement and the lovely vocals of Annabel, the only thing I don’t think it was needed at this part of the album, maybe at the middle, but that’s something minor.

above your hand

The first song that I really loved from Annabel, and I still adore it. The ending for Sankarea, and it’s really quiet, because it’s mostly acoustic guitar and Annabel. The depressing sound and whispering vocals that appears every time Annabel is not singing, that’s what adds the great feeling to the song. Once drums are added to those whispering vocals, this is where the songs gets better and sounds really amazing, also adding some touches of electric guitar. And the song finishes almost as it started, and I love every part of it. Maybe I don’t like as an ending, because I think anamnesis would’ve been better option but I still like it.

Favorite Songs:



signal graph

above your hand


Is it worth listening? Double Yes 😛

This album that is the first one for Annabel as a solist (independent doesn’t count) took a lot to be released. Thankfully the album worked really well and had really amazing songs since the beginning until the end. The variety of sound was also appreciated because she tried different genres and I love a lot of them. I know I mentioned only 5, and was hard because there was more that would’ve been as well at this list. This deserves a listen and you can do it before her new album is released.


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