Minori Chihara – FOOL THE WORLD

fool the worldTracklist:

  2. Harmonized Chaos
  3. Hakanaku mo itoshiki sekai no naka de


When the song started I felt a Nana vibe over it, similar to LINKAGE. Not sure how to feel about it, but gives me expectations which at least serves. The song starts to change by having Minorin singing in a semi-comfortable tone and the good things is the dramatic feeling portrayed at the verses and once the chorus appears I’m already trapped at the song, it really is catchy and cool thanks to the rocking sound used in some parts plus the normal anison sound. But the great thing is that this song doesn’t seem like anison and makes me focus more for the arrangement xD. I really like how Minorin sings the last line of the chorus. It’s just epic. For me this is a great followup from her album and this song is really good even using some formula of Nana.

Harmonized Chaos

The intro is so dark, that’s what I thought initially but it changes into something more synthy apparently. It reminds me somewhat to Nagi’s sound or Annabel, which already makes me like the song more. I don’t know what to expect of the song, but is giving a lot of good aspects, by being very different  from her usual sound and also singing good. The song tries to be dramatic thanks to the change from verses and chorus. And every time the next verse comes, I don’t if it will be the same. The constant beat is one of my favorite things plus Minorin’s voice. But then the middle section where appears like rapping throw me off guard, that was something I didn’t think it could happen and obviously didn’t like that part. But every other part of the song is definitely good and is definitely one song I’ll give more listens from now on.

Hakanaku mo itoshiki sekai no naka de

Please don’t be a cute song. And my wish came true. The song tries the route of FOOL THE WORLD, but having a more anison sound(not so noticeable, but still there), but having a japanese instrument interested me and left me considering if the song will be more revolving around that instrument but apparently not. I really love that Minorin is singing in her good tone and I’m surprised for another single where all the songs have a good tone from her (and good arrangement as well). The song when I heard the chorus reminded me of another anime song, and now I remember it. It sounds similar to the B-side of Faylan’s single “GOD FATE”, Koi Moyou. The japanese instrument used reminds me of the PV of Shoen for Eri Kitamura, and I’m starting to like it more. Even if it’s not that predominant it gives a good touch to the song, and compliments some sections where it avoids the anison sound. This is definitely another amazing song from the album and definitely surprised me.

Is it worth listening?  Yes!

After her amazing album Minorin returns really fast with another single, and is definitely a good one, thanks to the 3 songs being really good. FOOL THE WORLD was really good by having some rocking sound and some catchy lines. Having a Nana sound in some parts I’m not sure what to think of it, but definitely worked for the song. The first B-side was really strange for Minorin and was really good/amazing but the rapping part (or fast sung not sure) was definitely not of my liking, but the song still is definitely worth it. But for me the main star was the last B-side where having a japanese sound combined with little anison, the rocking sound and having Minorin singing really cool made it my favorite song from the single. This is definitely one of her best recent singles.


11 thoughts on “Minori Chihara – FOOL THE WORLD

  1. I had mostly given up on Minorin as a dedicated fan, even after hearing a FOOL THE WORLD preview, but your review of Harmonized Chaos definitely got me quite interested, so I think I’ll be listening to it :”3

    • FOOL THE WORLD for me was ok compared to the B-sides. The B-sides stomped it easily. Harmonized chaos sounds quite different for Minorin because it’s not the same sound as in Defection or Usotsuki ParADox, I can’t describe it quite well xD

      • Mostly the songs. Before, she had little tie-ins, but her music was of much more quality and stretched beyond simple pop. there was anything from hard full-on techno to alternative ballads and orchestral pieces; whereas now, her label is making her (badly) imitate Nana Mizuki, with every release having some kind of a tie-in but the quality dropping down to simple, cheesy anison.

      • If I’m not in the wrong, the composer was the same one who composed Crown of Avalon for Nana? I did hear it, but it’s overly sweet and cute for my taste, even with a good arrangement it still fails to live up to her previous works.

      • I didn’t know it was the same composer. But the reason behind that sound was related to the fantasy theme park, which is the concept for this album.

      • I haven’t really noticed until some songs sounded like Nana. But the main problem here are the producers, not her at least. And I don’t know why Lantis wants to do this. They have her since 2007 and now they want to do it. Unless they have a goal of trying to do that to achieve more sales from her which in this case are still missing a lot of copies to do that to compare with Nana :/

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