yanaginagi – Mitsuba no Musubime

mitsuba no musubime


  1. Mitsuba no Musubime
  2. Intention Propellant
  3. unjour
  4. Mitsuba no Musubime (Instrumental)
  5. Intention Propellant (Instrumental)
  6. unjour (Instrumental)

Mitsuba no Musubime

Mitsuba is quite different using strings, synths and piano if we compare it to Aqua Terrarium. After this short intro it continues slowly building itself to become bigger in sound changing the sound of strings or piano and just makes the song so lovely. And once we reach the chorus, I totally fell in love with it, the chorus is so catchy and beautiful and her vocals were just good like always.  As Alex mentioned there is a change of  instrumentation at the verses, I notice that it change for the 2nd one and was something good to keep you focus and that’s one thing I like in her songs, the instrumentation. When I saw the ED I wasn’t too fond of the song, but that change quickly after I heard the preview at her webpage and it was just awesome. It may not contain the same feeling as Aqua Terrarium but this song was definitely a great followup and just confirms Nagi is amazing as a singer.

Intention Propellant

The first B-side and sounds so cool with that piano introduction which makes me confirm this will be one of her nagi experimental songs. The weirdness continues with the more instruments added but Nagi just makes the song even better giving a more dramatic feeling and as well trying to make it less weird. There is something in the way the piano is played and her voice that reminds me of another song from her. And that chorus again is really catchy, there is so much energy in it that I adore it. This is one of coolest B-sides she has done (halo effect and oto no nai yume being the others at the list) and props for the piano.


Unjour tries to follow a same route than the other B-side but as well tries some things by itself and I think that in this case this song has more of the experimental weird sound she normally uses. It reminds me a little of the B-sides of “Laterality”, thanks to the beeps and synths used here, and just intrigues me, because I don’t know when there will be a drastic change at the song, or continue the same. Luckily the sound doesn’t tries to be that drastic in change, and keeps a constant sound. Another amazing feature are the backing vocals adding more mystery to it. Damn nagi, you release a lot of amazing songs. This is just as good as the other B-side.

Is it worth listening? Yes!

I was really surprised hearing the full single again. I was really fascinated when I heard the previews at her webpage and I knew I was going to love the full songs. Nagi didn’t disappoint and deliver another amazing single. Mitsuba was more normal but sounded so lovely and beautiful thanks to the instrumentation and her vocals. Meanwhile the B-sides just had the dramatic setting in them, but having that experimental sound made them just a lot more enjoyable. If I needed to compare this single to the previous one, I’d prefer this one because I could fully listen the 3 songs and for the previous there is something at “You can count on me “that is no longer catching me as before. So I think this single is slightly better 😀


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