fhána – tiny lamp

tiny lamp


  1. tiny lamp
  2. Hajimari no Sayonara
  3. tiny lamp (fu_mou “faded memories” Remix)
  4. tiny lamp – Instrumental –
  5. Hajimari no Sayonara – Instrumental –

tiny lamp

The song starts with a normal anison carrying a more cute sound, but this changes once the rocking sound appears and changes the flow a little. towana (the singer) makes the song more entertaining and brings more life to the song, which is something she did as well in her other single. The chorus once again wins me over and is just so catchy for me. I’m not sure if there is some xylophone over the song, because after several listens for divine intervention I notice it, and hear it sounds as well, but I think there is because one of the members plays several instruments. And once the middle 8 appears, the sound changed a little and was good. I’m still not sure if the band itself made the arrangement and compose, and considering that over their work, I see that they made songs for Choucho. Still what they did was a really good catchy anisong. Not sure if as good as divine intervention but I like it.

Hajimari no Sayonara

The next song changes a lot, as it starts really simple with towana singing and appears like mid tempo, and continues the verses the same way, except it starts to grow once it almost reaches the chorus. This song really is different from their other songs, but this one seems more common for anison, thankfully some additions make the difference, as the ~ la la la  ~ appearing to make the song better. There’s a change in the middle of the song making it seem dramatic, and that’s was unexpected but quickly returning to the usual sound. So to end this, the song is a typical mid tempo song, and reminds me of other songs, but has some factors to make me listen it again.

tiny lamp (fu_mou “faded memories” Remix)

This is another remix like in the other single, the sound for this one really reminds me of sfp, and I was hoping it will take a similar sound to it, but they destroy my hopes, by changing it a lot. For example the chorus was replaced in sound having piano and the vocals, instead of the anison sound it had initially. Ok apparently this changes and the song becomes better, and gains some beat to make it a lot better. The flaw I found is that I don’t think the rhythm of the vocals combines with the new sound and make it sound in certain parts not good. But considering the arrange itself, it is quite amazing and I would really love a new song out of it.

Is it worth listening? Yes

This was the 2nd single of fhána and apparently since the beginning they had amazing A-sides. This single is no exception, the A-side was really cool and catchy even if it contain the anison vibe. And the B-side was really different from what I heard before it and sounds good but has it flaws. The remix wasn’t that good for me, and I prefer a new song for that arrangement.


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