fhána – divine intervention

divine intervention


  1. divine intervention
  2. innocent field
  3. divine intervention (The LASTTRAK “Firestarter” Remix)
  4. divine intervention – Instrumental –
  5. innocent field – Instrumental –

divine intervention

This song was the first one I heard from the band and I was impressed thanks to the synths reminding me of school food punishment, but that changes thanks to the vocals as it’s quite different from Yumi of said band. The arrangement consists of the synths combined with strings at the back and some drums which makes it escape the song from the usual anison route (tiny lamp sounds more like that). The verses sound so cool and controlled I mean it keeps the same sound except the strings which change accordingly. Another cool thing about it is the vocalist, there’s something about her that I really like and makes me think she fits for the song. Then what to mention about the chorus which is my favorite part of the song, and definitely bring the best of it. This is an amazing song and I can’t stop listening to it.

innocent field

The B-side sounds already so different with that clapping & later the electric guitar having that catchy riff. Even the vocalist sounds so different to the previous one, having a higher tone, but I was thrown away when a male voice appeared out of nowhere, and only 1 line at the verse, but can be heard at the chorus. The song is more relaxed and has less instruments which make you focused on the vocalist or the guitar. That male voice reminds me of Kaori Mochida’s Bolero where that voice enter as well, and really sounds like this one, but maybe I’m obssesed xD. This song is really good, and when I thought it couldn’t change it throws some random sax at the middle and seems unnecesary but thankfully it continues at the song and makes it a little less weird. The only problem with the song I think is that it tried to extend more than it should at the end, but is really minor, as it seems more like a reprise than any other thing.

divine intervention (The LASTTRAK “Firestarter” Remix)

I was wondering what the remix would include to make the song different. First the initial sound was prolonged, and using some distortion for the vocals and making them less noticeable than the arrangement. But after this part, we return to semi normal vocals, still a little shadowed by the arrangement, and continues like that. Definitely the arrangement reminded me more of sfp with this remix, it sounds so cool and amazing and seems like a different take of the original song and I really like it, I’m not sure if the same as the A-side but still incredible and deserves a listen.

Is it worth listening? Yes!!

I was really surprised with this band, I mean they’re just starting (only 3 official singles at the moment) and they are definitely making new ground in the anison world, but having a more sfp sound(for me it sounds like that) and that’s really awesome. The single was definitely amazing and was the first one I heard from the band and I’m still unsure to say if it’s their best, because I need to hear more the other 2, but at the moment this single has captured me with the A-side which is really awesome having some little anison sound, but making it their own, meanwhile innocent field changes and makes it a more relaxed tune, but still having the rock sound and some sax in it. And the remix definitely deserves a listen.


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