Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award


Apparently, Moira and Austin (I think) from Just Another Heaven nominated Hybrid Universe for the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award,

The rules are simple and the way you structure your acceptance post is a lot of fun:
1. Download the award (right click, save as) and add it to your post/about page.
2. Nominate as many other blogs as you want (I’ve seen it as low as 1 to as high as 12) and remember to notify them on their blog about their nomination.
3. Take each letter (A-Z) and write something about yourself that starts with said letter.

Let’s get started!


And so I think it’s easier for me doing it from A-Z in order so let me try that

A is for Anime (duh xD)

B is for binaria (couldn’t add annabel in the first one so this counts because is the band of annabel and yanaginagi)

C is for Comics (Another hobby that I have more oriented to Marvel)

D is for Darker than Black (An excellent anime that I really like)

E is for Everlasting (The word is real cool and also a title song from Galneryus xD)

F is for Fire Emblem (One of my favorite franchise of videogames)

G is for Grandmaster  (That is my favorite class in the FE:Awakening videogame)

H is for Hanayo Koizumi (She is my favorite character of the band μ’s and in the anime Love Live! School Idol Project)

I is for IGN (Even if you hate the webpage, is a good source to get information from movies, series, and videogames)

J is for Jace (My favorite planeswalker of the Magic: The Gathering, I didn’t choose one of all of the Jaces they exist, because as a whole he is great and also because blue is my favorite color in the game)

K is for Kana Hanazawa / Kalafina (I couldn’t choose only one, so they had to be both. Kalafina being my favorite band and Kana Hanazawa  being my favorte seiyuu)

L is for Love Live!  / Last Of  Us (More than the anime, which I really really like, is more related to the project that began with the band. And for the 2nd one, again I couldn’t choose, but this for me was the best game from last year)

M is for Muse (My favorite English recent band and still is and will be. The name for this letter came up only because a Muse song came in the random mode at the exact moment I started “M” xD)

N is for Nana Mizuki (Even if Moira had it as well, I had to, she is my queen since a long time and she will continue to be. She has become of the greater artists in the anison world with a lot of dedication and great music combined with her unique way of being)

O is for Omoi (First single from Nana, word included in one Haruka Shimotsuki’s album and I really like the word)

P is for Pikachu (Because Pika Pika Pikachu)

Q is for Quick (Quick writing this post XD)

R is for Reminder (I need more of them from time to time, otherwise I’ll forget a lot of things)

S is for Slytherin (Sounds cool, that’s all)

T is for TL;DR (Too long, didn’t read)

U is for ULTIMATE DIAMOND (One of my favorite Nana albums)

V is for Viva la Vida (Coldplay’s song)

W is for Wonka (The company that makes the delicious candies :D)

X is for X-Men (Well it was easier this way than naming another planeswalker)

Y is for yanaginagi (One of my favorite artists)

Z is for zutto (I’ve always liked this word and I always hear it on the animes, so why not)


And now nominated blogs:

Music Addiction: Link here:ABC Award

Kaori Speaks:

I’m lazy that’s why 🙂


9 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the nomination, I’m honored haha. I have nominated you too because I really like your blog, if you want to participate I’ll just take this entry post in concideration so you don’t have to make another one xD Cheers!

    • Yes, but the ironic is about how I met the band. A friend who likes metal recommended me that band. And so I listened first Silent Revelation from their 2nd album and after that I started to hear all of their albums (before and after the change of vocalist)

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