Minori Chihara – NEO FANTASIA

neo fantasia


  1. The immortal kingdom
  5. 1st STORY
  6. endless voyage
  7. Mashiroki Shiro no Monogatari
  8. Celestial Diva
  9. Lonely Doll
  10. Kono Sekai Ha Bokura Wo Matte Ita
  12. Kyoukai no Kanata
  14. Neverending dream

The immortal kingdom

As the song starts, I can’t help but notice the similarities of this song trying something similar to Avalon no Oukan of Nana Mizuki, but this being more fantasy like, and once the instrumental intro, we can hear Minorin with a little squeaky tone, but not enough to damage the song. I really like the arrangement and how the choir joined the song, making this a grandoise song. I consider this more as an intro song than an actual song, but still an incredible way to start the album!


I wasn’t expecting something like this when I saw the PV the first time. This again sounds similar to Nana (Lovely fruit but not so similar as the previous one). The squeaky vocals return, but this was understood as the type of arrangement requires the cute and lively vocals. But what really capture my attention was again the arrangement, as it reminds to those old movies with the band playing this type of sound, this was just incredible. In the quiet part is where I think Minorin was singing better, and that’s a plus. I think the middle 8 was also something unexpected for me, but it brought a different rhythm in the song and still making the song awesome. This song was incredible in the arrangement part for the most part, but even better that the vocals were aren’t as bad as in her previous album this time.


And this is the type of song I was referring to those type of vocals (e.e). As her 2nd A-side of the era, it’s obvious that this was going to enter the album. The type of feeling that the song is giving is like lucky go round or something like that, but the main problem are the vocals, and this was seen in the single, but here, is more noticeable as the previous songs had less damaging vocals. Even so, I can still listen the song again and again, as the song is real catchy for me (don’t ask me why), but if I had to choose, I’ll prefer the two previous before this one. An ok song.


The next title was making me know I was going to be dissapointed, but when I heard the synths I thought this was going to be awesome, but then Minorin started singing and my hopes flew again, so this was a half good song for that part, as the arrangement was soooooo good, but if she hadn’t use those vocals, this would’ve been pretty epic. The verses has those terrible vocals from Minorin, but the chorus tried to redeem itself, but almost crossed the same line as the vocals of the verses. I don’t know why the first time I heard until this song, I was thinking this will be an album of great arrangements and bad vocals, but thankfully the next ones get better. So Minorin change the vocals and get a deeper tone for this one, and you’ll get more epic in this song.


Then we change the rhythm to a rockish setting, and thankfully the vocals are less hurting than the previous song, and the flow makes me forget about it and makes me like the song more. Once the chorus starts I fell in love with it as it sounds so calm and incredible but with better vocals. I really am liking the arrangement but strangely some parts remind me of Round Table sound, and others to Kyoukai no Kanata (I need to check the one who created the arrangement). This song was the first one of the album that I fully liked the first time I heard the album, so that’s saying a lot. The arrangement which consisted mostly of guitars and drums was normal but well done and really left an impression on me. A really cool song.

endless voyage

Yes!!!! The song with epic synths begin, that’s what I think and really came true. The vocals are sooooo good, I mean this song combining the synths and guitars was good and made me like it a lot. Strangely enough this song seems like a combination of the previous two, but better done, as the epic feeling is felt during the whole song. The solo was incredible because combined the sound it had of synths with the guitar and didn’t hurt the song, I think right now this song is one of my favorites of the album, as this is what I was requesting for the album. Minorin what an epic track this was. Another incredible song.

Mashiroki Shiro no Monogatari

The next song surprised me a lot, as I wasn’t expecting a folkish sound in the album. The arrangement reminded me at first of Kalafina’s Natsu no Ringo, but then it is quickly erased by trying to be a more waltz style while keeping the folkish sound and that was really awesome, and again the vocals were so right for the song, as Minorin sounds so calm and giving the perfect setting for the song. I quickly feel in love of the song, as I didn’t think she could do a song of this style and more that it could be awesome song as well. Another great thing was the choir joining here and there and giving that lonely feel. Everything about the song is just perfect for me, and easily is another one of my favorites of the album.

Celestial Diva

We enter into the first A-side of the era, this one is clearly a good one since I heard it the first time, and another great fact, is that the song was written by Arika from Ali Project. The intro was mostly Minorin singing, but quickly replaced by some synthy stringy sound. The song disrupted the flow, and I think this could’ve been great after 1st STORY or endless voyage. Nevertheless, the song is pretty epic itself as the chorus was giving a pretty epic performance of Minorin, and the arrangement was so catchy, but I think they need to reduce the strings in some parts as with the pure synths was enough. Another incredible and epic song.

Lonely Doll

From what I checked at the lyric book, this was written and composed by Minorin (Yay!). The song starts so simple with acoustic guitar and Minorin singing, quickly the cello (I think) joins the setting and making the song more depressing and that was good, and then the string are entering the song. The verses change the way the instruments are joining as in the next one, piano and drums this time are more prominent, and really made the song more diverse, so that was good, as it kept me focused over the song, and also another plus was that Minorin was singing great. A really simple arrangement that it then built itself over the length of the song was a clever idea. A really original and cool song.

Kono Sekai Ha Bokura Wo Matte Ita

The 4th A-side begins and this was one of my favorite A-sides of this era. When I heard it as a single it sounded so good and incredible. Here in the album sounds so different than the other songs and makes me notice it more. The song itself is your typical anisonng with some twists during the song, and these changes make it seem a little different from other anison tunes. What I think that it caught me was the emotion of Minorin that she was giving everytime she was singing. The chorus was the best part of the song and I still think so, so much memories of the song. Great song.


The 3rd A-side of the era, and I can’t remember much of the song, as it sounded so normal to me the first time I heard it. Here I can fully listen to it and enjoy it, but the first thing I notice, was the sound reminding me of Nana, and that was kept during the whole song. The arrangement is your typical anison sound (Kono Sekai was less noticeable) and that was good for the most part. The song itself is real catchy now that I listen to it again, and mostly is thanks to the chorus, where the vocals combining with the sound was so cool and giving those dramatic pauses was a plus. Another cool song.

Kyoukai No Kanata

This song was my favorite A-side of the era, and still is. The song was so epic for me, as the feeling that the song gives is a lot of emotion. The arrangement that consists of piano, drums and guitar is the usual setting. But one thing that makes it stand out, was the vocals of Minorin as they gave a lot of color to the song and emotion. What I didn’t like was that they put 3 A-sides together. Everything about the song was incredible for me, even in the album it stands out. I don’t know what else to say, I already review it, but I started to like it more since I review it. This is easily one of my favorites.


Wow, the song starts so epic, it reminds me of  “Akatsuki Tsukiyo”, but then the sound changes into a more drum/guitar sound, and I’m starting to like it, because the song appears to give the idea that the song will increase in sound and become more epic, and that’s what happens, as the chorus begins, the song becomes more incredible and epic in every way. I think that the main sound of the song reminds me to Resistance of Muse, but I’m not sure. The song has really cool vocals from Minorin and that’s another good thing about it. One problem I see in the song was that the vocals were less noticeable than the arrangement. If they make Minorin higher in sound than the arrange, this could’ve been better. Another incredible tune and could be a favorite.

Neverending Dream

This song the first time I heard it, I thought it would be an instrumental ending, and considering the arrangement, it was a good idea, as it makes you feel as you were finishing a fantasy movie. And now I can see why the first song is like that, as this album is like a fantasy concept (which is why the folkish sound was present). But almost at the end of the song, you can hear Minorin sing and gives a nice feeling of ending into the album. This was a good way to finish the album!

Favorite Songs:

Kyoukai No Kanata

Mashiroki Shiro no Monogatari

endless voyage


Celestial Diva

Is it worth listening? Yes! (Since 1st Story until the end)

This album was a surprise for me, when I was hearing the first songs, I was quickly dissapointed and thought this would be a waste (except The immortal kingdom). But once 1st STORY started and the next songs started popping, I knew this was epic. Almost all the songs screamed epic, and didn’t had problems of vocals. Another really cool thing was that there was a lot of variety of styles in the album, which the previous album lacked compared to this one. Mostly the new styles worked for her, and I think if she retains the vocals and sound of most the songs, she can release another epic album.


4 thoughts on “Minori Chihara – NEO FANTASIA

  1. Wow,I´m really amazed,because you actually wrote EXACTLY what I think about it :O

    To be honest,I just bough the album to watch the Acoustic Live DVD.When later I listened to the first 4 tracks I was so dissapointed,because despite the awesome arrangement, minorins vocals were pretty creepy.(even if I ended loving Tresure world). That really annoys me because I know she CAN actually sing pretty well. But after 1st story everything changed so much I can´t even believe!! It was an epic album, after all ♥ Lonely Doll reminded me a little of her “contact” days.Neo Fantasia sounds too pretty. Mashiroki shiro no monogatari has a really cool feeling. Probably has the best of all arrangements of all Minorin albums. Hope Fool the world keep being this epic!!

    Btwn,I´ll keep following this blog because I adore almost all the artist you review 😉 (Minorin, Nana, Kalafina,Faylan,Kokia)

    • Thanks for the comment.
      The change I can notice more for this album, is that it changed from epic synthy sound, to a more varied sound, and that was good, because it shows she can do a lot more.
      And for the case of the “contact” album, that was an amazing album, so I can see the similarities.
      FOOL THE WORLD from the sample I heard, is not dissapointing and is a good follow up for the album, but I’ll need to see the full version

  2. I’m really glad you wrote this review because it makes me happy that I’m not the only one who enjoys this album so much.

    To be honest, the end of 2013 was pretty dull for me so I was anticipating but not really expecting very much from this album (I thought D-formation was mediocre and the singles for this album were good, but not great). So it completely shocked me when I listened to this and almost all of the non-single tracks are stellar! I’m listening to my favorite, Mashiroki Shiro no Monogatari, right now. In fact, it’s the singles that brought this album down, shockingly! Usually it’s the other way around. When winter comes, I’ll enjoy this album on loop again.

    The only one I don’t love is “Toon-Go-Round” but even that one I’ll seek out because the arrangement is unique (it’s the voice I have to get adjusted to).

    Hope you do a “mini” review of the new Minorin best album, mainly the “new” tracks (or tracks never on an album before). You should buy it too, the packaging is GORGEOUS!

    • I think the same too \(~o~)/
      Maybe that’s the reason I am listening to Sing All Love.

      The best album I already bought it, but I’m waiting for the order to be sent.

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