μ’s – Music S.T.A.R.T!!

music s.t.a.r.t!!


  1. Music S.T.A.R.T!!
  3. Music S.T.A.R.T!! (Off Vocal)
  4. LOVELESS WORLD (Off Vocal)

Music S.T.A.R.T!!

This song was so catchy for me since the mini PV was released, I mean that intro was so cool and I love it. The song is so different from the other A-sides, I love the rhythm that it follows that centers more on the vocals from each one, and those solos were so cool from Rin mostly. Then we enter the chorus and we have another incredible part of the song, it really traps me and makes me love it more. The arrangement was normal for their style but really cool. Then we have the semi-solo from Maki and frankly is really great. There’s not much more I can say besides saying I really love the song and really stands out with all their previous songs.


The song was something I didn’t expect but then, we already had after school NAVIGATORS, so it was my bad. The arrangement was so freaking incredible reminding those from Shoko, but the problem here, is that the vocals here are something different I expected considering the arrangement and I was hoping for some deep vocals and more epic lines, and we only got it from the middle 8. Maybe if the vocals were prominently from Umi (Suzumo Mimori) this could’ve been better than it already is. The song is really cool but my only concern was the vocals, they should’ve been deeper. Still a good B-side.

Is it worth listening? Yes

The single was something I really wanted since a long time (mostly because the songs for the anime didn’t count for μ’s number of singles, I mean this is mentioned as the 6th single). The A-side was really incredible and amazing with the vocals and rhythm it gave, and Maki being the center, made a change in the song, so that was a plus. The B-side was good but wishing for deeper vocals and that could’ve changed for better. Btw, didn’t add the 3 last titles from the single, because they’re dialogues. Still a cool single this was, and now I’ll need to wait for their single from January,


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