HIMEKA – Kagiri Aru Yume



  1. Kagiri Aru Yume
  2. TSU-BA-SA
  3. Kagiri Aru Yume (Off Vocal)
  4. TSU-BA-SA (Off Vocal)

Kagiri Aru Yume

My first impression for the tune was: “Is this Annabel’s 2nd part of Alternative?”, but then it became a little more folkish with the accordion which was something we have seen thanks to Echoes, the arrangement is epic everywhere using really good the dark setting which was something I was expecting for Rozen Maiden. Then after listening again the song, I can confirm the same as Tsukiyo’s blog, I was expecting a different tone from HIMEKA for the tune, I was expecting something more depressing and quiet, or a deeper tone, something as Annabel’s alternative was acceptable, but even so, the song was really awesome, and gives me hope for more music from HIMEKA.


This B-side sounds so similar to another recent anime opening as the flow is quite similar and obviously we could have expected an anison sound as HIMEKA has a lot of these tunes. The tune sounds really lighthearted and fun to listen. I mean HIMEKA sounds so amazing in the tune, sometimes she raises her tone a lot more than it should, but no so much a problem there, at first I thought it will be all cute using HIMEKA cute tone, but thank god it move from there. The piano is constantly present which is something I like it, and the strings as usual, but the piano was cool. This song is a little generic is anison matter, but to me it was a really cool song, thanks to HIMEKA.

Is it worth listening? Yes, more if you’re fan of HIMEKA’s voice

I say this, because this show us mostly the same HIMEKA we have heard in previous singles, like Where I Belong, and well, you can start there xD. But even so this single, brought a different genre for her and I’m grateful for that because she deserves more attention and this could be a way so they can know her better. The A-side was really good thanks to that dark arrangement, and HIMEKA’s voice was great as always but hoping for a darker deeper tone, while TSU-BA-SA brought us the usual anison sound from her, but the song was great even so. So first check the first album and the previous single, and then you can listen this one xD.


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