Minori Chihara – Kyoukai no Kanata

Kyoukai no Kanata


  1. Kyoukai no Kanata
  2. NO LINE

Kyoukai No Kanata

The song sounds so different from the usual Minorin we are used to hear, I mean this song is really anison (more than ZONE//ALONE) and I don’t mind that because the song sounds really hopeful and has a comfortable tone which makes me happy. The song has more of piano and drums, a little guitar and some strings (like any anisong). The thing that really capture me in the song was the chorus, there is something in it, that just screams awesome all over. I mean the song could be bland for some, but for me is something new from her and that’s good. From that point of view I think this is a must listen, and I consider this song better than Kono Sekai wa… and that’s saying a lot, because I was biased by that song a long time when it was released. A great A-side from Minorin ^_^


Then I was surprised from the B-side as this is a rock tune, and I wanted something like this from her since her first single from this era, but this is the first one that really capture my attention. The rhythm was so cool with the guitars giving that epic sound in the song, and giving great vocals from Minorin, the chorus may be not so good for her as the vocals are a little squeaky but even so it’s still great. The verses were so cool  and hearing that experimentation from the guitar in the background was unexpected and cool, and her deep tone as background (similar to X-DAY) was what I expected from the tone for this song, but that won’t happen. Then the last lines from the song just made it more epic and was my favorite part from the song. A cool B-side

Is it worth listening? Yes

This is a different single from Minori in this era. If we compare this single to the other it really stands out because of the 2 songs. Kyoukai no Kanata was a great way to represent the single, as the song is really catchy and shows Minorin can have really cool anisongs, and that chorus was so incredible. While NO LINE represented the rocking side which we like, and made more awesome the single, the only downside were her vocals during the chorus and later on in verses, but not to the level of most of the singles from the past era.


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