The intro for the song makes me excited for what’s to come as it sounds so different from the usual Faylan, which more synths combined with the guitars, but once the usual comes, it sounds more epic I don’t know why, maybe is how expressive is Faylan. The chorus was something awesome because it is so catchy, and reminds me to those awesome songs from her last album. The great difference from this song until now would be the guitars, because they sound so different and thankfully escapes from the boredom of wonder fang. I think Faylan really scored with this song as the arrangement was so cool, for example the interlude with that dubstep and faylan singing was something so unexpected but also reaminds me to Sokyuu no Hikari, and maybe that’s why this song has the vein from that song and makes it epic as well. A great A-side from Faylan.


The intro was so epic and incredible with the chorus and how it was being sang. But then the song becomes more happyish and I’m not sure what to think of it. But the song still tries to capture my attention with those changes in the chorus, but still the song sounds weird for me, considering the use of the choir and the type of happy arrangement. It sounds to some other anisong I’ve heard because of those ocassional strings. Thanks to the solo the song escaped the weirdness and just becomes a normal song for me, because for me it sounded like a mixture of songs just trying to become epic from the choir. An ok song I think.

Is it worth listening? Yes

The single was mostly awesome thanks to the tie-in from Blazblue (she has a lot of them). The song was a great one after her last single and makes me have hope for next singles. BLUE BLAZE was just pure awesomeness from her with the arrangement and her expressive vocals. Meanwhile BELIEVE just sounded weird for me, with the mixture of the happy arrangement and the choir used mostly in the song. Maybe some will like it, you can give a try.


One thought on “Faylan – BLUE BLAZE / BELIEVE

  1. Y’know what? I thought the choir in BELIEVE was a bit weird at first, but after a few listens it seems perfectly normal now. Funny how it works sometimes 🙂

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