Nana Mizuki x T.M. Revolution – Kakumei Dualism

kakumei dualism


  1. Kakumei Dualism
  2. Kakumei Dualism (TV-Size)

Kakumei Dualism

The song sounds so Nana rockish so we start good, then the solos for each one was great. And quickly we start with the power in the song, with those pounding guitars, and I like how the vocals from both give that epic and dramatic style and make the song so incredible, even if the line for the chorus was so meh~, the song is still incredible because the arrangement sounds so Nana, but there’s something that makes their voices mix so well and complement each other. Combine this epic sound with the PV that is so pure awesomeness (Nana obviously ^_^). I think the first duet was combining TM Revolution sound, but this one had Nana’s signature all over it, I don’t know what more to say, the arrangement was typical rock from Nana but more epic thanks to the mix of the vocals, but once hearing the Nana Side, which only features what she sang (makes me frown I wanted to hear the full song with her vocals), I think she needed him to make the song more all over the place and epic, but even without him, it’s still epic.

Is it worth listening? Yes

The song is pure epicness and awesome from the beginning, I think they excel more in this type of song both of them, if they are the two in the song, instead of Preserved Roses, even if that one was epic, but this one is more. I recommend to order the version that has the PV and the song in TV-size, as the regular edition has the versions from both, but only what they sang, and dissapoints again. Still an incredible song for the last colaboration from them. Now we need to wait for more Nana.


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