1. Time to Impact Exciter
  3. Mysterion
  4. Silent Bible
  5. Young Alive!
  7. Dragonia
  8. Mugen
  9. Karen Moyou
  10. Koi no Yokushiryoku -type EXCITER-
  12. Strobe Cinema
  13. Toraware no Babel
  14. Albireo
  15. Don’t be long
  16. Shichigatsu Nanoka

Time to Impact Exciter

Another intro yay. This hasn’t been since Magic Attraction, but this one is so different. I like how futuristic the sound is, including so many of Nana’s descriptive sounds. It includes a lot of piano, synths and strings. It really works as an intro for her concerts. And it just prepare us for…


The next song which continues from the same root of the intro. And just keeps the sound and adding more awesomeness. The only problem is how Nana’s voice is filtered, without it could have sound better, but whatever. The sound just becomes epic, with some piano sections so cool and great drums. I love how Nana does this epic vocals during the chorus, where is so catchy and constantly changing, even her adlibbing at the end was so marvelous. This song continues with the same rhythm but it continues with a great solo that begins with some strings continued by some crazy piano to finish it with a normal guitar solo. Her vocals become more expressive with the last chorus and finish the song with a cool touch. An incredible song, and just prepares us for the awesomeness of this album.


This tries to follow the veins of Etsuraku Camelia, but without the Japanese stuff, instead is a more rocking tune and more aggressive that she had done until the moment. The verses flow so easily and great that it amazes me. Then the adlibbing before the chorus was to die for. Then the chorus enters and feels a little rushed because it’s all so quickly that sounds weird. I think the best part for me were the verses thanks to the way it was done, and not trying to do more than it should. Even the solo was great, I think the problem with the chorus was the way Nana was singing, but it doesn’t bother much, and can be enjoyed some days.

Silent Bible

The last A-side for the era, and continues with the string oriented song, but including a rock-piano structure to differentiate from the others, but in the verses which are cool are noticed more the strings. Once the chorus starts you can notice more the rocking sound which is so awesome and Nana again makes more in the song, which is something I can remember. Those quick way of singing the verses was something original for her, and I really appreciate it, Once the solo begins which I think is since the solo string part until the piano mixed in. A great way to represent the era.

Young Alive!

A more fun rock tune, and you can hear the fun in the song, thanks to the guitar, even hearing Nana makes you think that. It’s not a favorite for me, but I can enjoy it once in a while thanks to the way the verses and chorus were sang, and also thanks to the arrangement in the chorus, which is so full of joy and fun. But besides that there’s not much to remember and for me it’s an okay song (even if it was written by Nana).


This is the first synthy song, but the odd thing about is that isn’t so fast or anything, it keeps a calm ryhthm with the synths and sounds so weird for me, because I haven’t heard Nana in a song like this, for me it sounds like a Perfume tune but having those Nana sounds as well. I can’t compare it to other Nana tunes and from that side is great, because is original, but even so, is just like the other tune, there’s not much for me to remember or like a lot, but I can hear it and have a smile in my face. An ok song.


Now this is what I expected for epic, Nana starts singing to then be joined by those japanese (I think) sounds, and becomes more epic thanks to the underlying string and the way Nana is singing, it reminds me of LINKAGE but without a lot of stuff to interfere. I think what I like most besides powerful vocals from Nana is that japanese or asian instrument; it sounds like an erhu but I’m not sure, even so gives a different sound and it really works which is something obviously expected. I think she really excels in this type of song. A really epic tune.


The 1st single and intro for White Album. This song has been easily of those early favorites for me, because it’s from the first I heard from her and has really cemented a place, thanks to the mysterious sound of the verses they are so obscure (combine it with the PV to understand it better). Even the chorus is so cool, because is so rocky and epic, obviously this is a string oriented song as well, but this one has something that makes it stand out. The song is still not everyone’s favorite, but I can and that’s what matters. The solo begins and is your normal one with guitar and that’s the only downside for me, as I don’t think it was needed. Even so an early favorite from the album.

Karen Moyou

The song that made me fell in love with Nana’s ballads. The song is so calm with a mid tempo sound, but the nature of the song is what makes it stand out. The rhythm is so beautiful and pure that I can avoid singing it all of it. The chorus is so incredible as well, as some simple drums are added, but the main star is Nana because she makes the song what it is, she portrays the feelings needed for the song, which can be understood once the lyrics are read. I think this is one of those songs, that in order to have the complete feeling of the song, you need to read the lyrics, because they are so deep and sad. There’s really not a single bad part in the song, everything sounds correct, the arrangement, and the vocals were so perfect. If you want a mid tempo ballad style, this is one of the first I recommend to listen from Nana. I still in debate from which is my favorite song from the album, and this one can be.

Koi no Yokushiryoku -type EXCITER-

This song may be known before thanks to the tie-in it had, and even still I’m not fan of the series, the song was really cool. The changes can be noticed right away, thanks to the filter in Nana’s voice and also to some synths being added here and there, making it sound so different. The song is so catchy and has a really great chorus which I think is my favorite part. But the verses can defend themselves because the strings hidden there make them be more noticed. This song needs to be seen with the PV, because you can’t miss Nana dancing the choreography of this song and obviously is so incredible. A great song.


The 2nd Single from the era, and when you hear the song you can obviously notice why the single became #1 at Oricon. The song stands aside from Mugen because it has the key elements that it had, but giving a more happy and epic sound to it. Also the tie-in to Nanoha may be the reason as well. The song starts with Nana and strings but with some verses that are so cool and catchy, and that’s when the chorus enters, which is the best part of the song, they are full of hope and epic as well, and so perfect. This song has all the perfect elements needed to have a great tune. The PV for it is what makes me love it more, with Nana in a snow snow globe and dancing (OMG nosebleed). And once the final chorus begins it goes more epic, and leaves you with a great impression and wanting to hear it more.

Strobe Cinema

For some the filler song of the album, but this song has its charm, because of the cute nature and also Nana’s cute vocals, this song was one of the first to be an instant favorite for me, because it sounds so fun and Nana just seems to have fun in it, even if it sounds like some of her string songs, this stands because of the fun and cute sound. Since it was a favorite, it has started going down, and now I like it, but not one of my favorites from the album, but I still listen to it, because it is so fun.

Toraware no Babel

The pseudo trance tune and as well original for the repertoire of Nana. This song has the originality and catchy sound, but still doesn’t catch as easily as other tunes. I think that most of the experimentation was at the beginning and now seems weird, but also, I don’t know but even if Nana sounds great, the song doesn’t capture me. The arrangement wasn’t my favorite and I think what capture me the most was her vocals. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hear it. It has something that makes me listen it sometimes.


Finally, the song composed by Nana. This song is so different form Yume no Tsuzuki and even SEVEN thanks to the folkish nature of the song (something like STAR ROAD). This song is so odd where it was placed, but I like it thanks to the epicness of the chorus and also because it sounds so folkish and Nana makes it sound so different from anything else from her. I really like it, but there are some other tunes, that I really prefer in this album, but this one has its place as the folkish tune. Thankfully, she then released STAR ROAD, and that was more epic.

Don’t be long

The only B-side which I thought it will be Unchain World, but apparently we can get what we want. But still, this B-side from Phantom Minds got its place thanks also to the tie-in to Nanoha, The song goes for a more rock tune, and including a catchy chorus which is the best part, there are some strings in the song, but not fully appreciated thanks to the guitar making everything else more unnoticed. The rocking tune was something unexpected thanks to the nature of the album until now, but even so it sound a little fillerish for me. The song is cool, but I still prefer Unchain World.

Shichigatsu Nanoka

The real ballad of the album. A song from Nana which can be noticed in the title (it refers to July 7th, date the album was released). The harp sound was so beautiful getting along with Nana’s vocals which sound so charming and incredible from beginning to end. At first during the verses its just the harp and her, and the first chorus, but even so, that’s what makes the song so beautiful, because you can fully appreciate Nana’s vocals and the harp by Mika. Now in the next verse you can really her some strings behind the harp sound and they will start to be noticed once the chorus starts and the last part of the song. They start slowly to be included in the song, and doesn’t affect the song, because it makes the song like a lullaby perfect for sleeping. This is the best way to close the album. An incredible ending.

Favorite Songs:


Karen Moyou

Shichigatsu Nanoka




This is a more experimental album from Nana as she tried several sounds in it and some of them work and other were epic. The problem was in the first half were some of the songs that didn’t stick that easily and was until the later half were it was pure awesomeness (most of it). The way the album was filled with string oriented songs, is something she will still do, but the A-sides were incredible thanks to their original sound besides the strings.

Is it worth listening? Yes

The album even with those experimental tunes, the album is filled with incredible tunes that showcase Nana’s vocals and incredible arrangements that can be heard in songs like PHANTOM MINDS and NEXT ARCADIA. I think someone who hasn’t listened to Nana as well Nana fans can listen this album, and will like it.


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