Nana Mizuki – Hybrid Universe



  1. Zankou no Gaia
  2. Faith
  4. You have a dream
  6. Hoshizora to Tsuki to Hanabi no Shita
  7. Super Generation
  8. Naked Feels
  9. Love Trippin’
  10. Late Summer Tale
  11. Violetta
  12. Primal Affection
  13. Hitotsu Dake Chikaeru Nara
  14. Eternal Blaze

Zankou No Gaia

The first song opens so cool with its celtic sound and Nana singing in her comfortable sound. This songs sounds so original for Nana as she hasn’t done something like this. I like how the way this song is totally anti anison, and still sounds so incredible, mixing the celtic sound with the drums, making the song so epic and rocking since the beginning. And Nana doesn’t dissapoint as she keeps you focused in the song. Then when the paused part starts is just so incredible for showcasing nana’s vocals, and then to give start for the guitar solo. I think the only weird part, was how it ended the verses for the song. Even so, a great opening song.


The next song sounds so fresh with its latin style and some fast acoustic guitars. Again Nana shows she can tackle several styles, the way the song sounds reminds me something to Justice to Believe, but this song being more focused on those guitars sounding so cool. The chorus continues the same style, so you may confuse it, but the final part of it, makes it stand out from the verses. There’s so many things in the song that I can’t describe all of them, and they are well combined to make the song good. For this type of style, the song wasn’t bad, and really made an impression to me.


The next song coming from the single, has a more Nana sound and making it awesome, as it is a fan’s favorite. The song has a characteristic sound once the chorus finishes and before the verses enter. The way the drums and guitars mix and making Nana stand out, was so cool. Those type of synths appearing out of nowhere were so cool and is something that defines the song really well. The strangest thing is that the sounds makes it sound a little japanese so that’s a plus. The vocals from Nana were incredible, they were so expressive and making it escape from boredom. The solo for me was expected but more to a synthy sound and not rocking. Easily a favorite from the album, and from all time.

You have a dream

A more dancing oriented song, but still with some rock elements, it sounds like some of her next songs, but this one being more fun and catchy. The verses sound simple and the great thing was the arrangement. But once the chorus starts, the song gets so much better, as it is so catchy and filled with joy. Reminds me to chronicle of sky with its type of style. Part of the sound is kept now in the verses, and I thank for that. Also one thing I notice was that Nana here sounds with a more high tone, and which can classify it as a more happy tune, but the odd is that the tone didn’t affect the song. A catchy tune and I like it.


That piano was so cool, appears like a ballad tune, but then the song just becomes a massive amount of synths but combining piano. This is the type of song she can do so easily, because the song is so great, the verses were so cool and so catchy, and the way the synths were played, makes the song more incredible, and the songs doesn’t sound not dancy, but more like a mid tempo synthy song. The chorus was so epic, thanks mostly to Nana’s incredible powerhouse of vocals, the way she reaches those notes was so freakin’ awesome. Then again, the piano makes the song more than it is already, the way it is hidden until the cool moments appear. Thanks to the combination of synths, the piano and vocals make one of the best tunes of the album.

Hoshizora to Tsuki to Hanabi no Shita

From the epicness heard, we switch to a ballad tune, common for Nana. The tune is very simple because there are some drums while Nana is singing the verses but I think she is what makes it stand out, even if it’s really simple. The good thing is that the guitar appears softly and then is when the chorus comes and the guitars takes more predominance and sounding so dramatic and sad. If we take in account the lyrics of the song, then it will be more depressing than what was already. The next verses have more instrumentation and making it less empty. During the pseudo solo, we can hear all of the instruments blending so well and making it so epic for this specific part. Those last lines of the song were so sad, damn. A good ballad, and it served for its purpose. In live version, this song was even more cool and jawdropping.

Super Generation

The next song is getting you happy again, with the piano (it is so cool and original). Being one of Nana’s first compositions makes it so cool because you can see she is having a lot of fun in it, I really like the arrangement because it is really diverse and the way the piano is played, was something that kept me entertained. And the downside is that she hasn’t done songs like this since this album composed by her. I think she could explore this side more because she sounds so lovely and incredible in it. Then the solo comes in, and was entertaining but is nothing compared to the other parts of the song. The song continues the same rhythm and I don’t mind, because there’s so much epicness in it. Those final “La La La”, are so incredible when she sings it live, and even better that they do it more than the original song. Another one of my favorites.

Naked Feels

Another calm song between Super Generation, really odd. The song is having constant beat with some piano as background and Nana singing so calm and beautiful, that is so soothing. The way the song continues reminds me to BRAVE PHOENIX, because of the constant rhythm. I think this is one of those songs, that doesn’t need to be a ballad like Hoshizora, but retain the same feelings portrayed but now directed to love. This is one of those songs, that should be listened more, because the way the song makes you feel is something a lot of songs can’t do(not mentioning nana´s tunes), and the calm nature of the song is something Nana doesn’t frequently do. A really underrated song but so pure and incredible song.

Love Trippin’

This is like You have a dream but combining it with Super Generation and as well more cheesy, the strings were something I didn’t notice much, thanks to the happiness of the arrangement. The way Nana sings, is cute but not overwhelming, and combining it with the arrangement, blends so good. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed the way the arrangement was until today, it sounds so happy, and combining the sounds to make it a little like Disney songs, and the flute (I think it is) or the strings were something unexpected the way they are played. And this song can show that she didn’t do much string oriented songs as now, because this is the first one of the album that has it. A really charming song and so lovely.

Late Summer Tale

A rocking tune is the next step and is so different from the whole album was until now. This uses Nana’s vocals like Zankou No Gaia, making it sound more different, and also thanks to the guitars because they are the star of the song, now instead of the beats or piano. The chorus was something unexpected with the other sounds beside the guitar, reminding me WILD EYES. Then is when I can hear some beats in the song, but later replaced by the characteristic guitar, and was something promising for the song, but most the unnoticed sound in the chorus, because that was something that could be in any part of the song, and not ruining it. But I can easily remember this song. A cool one.


The 2nd composed song from Nana (Really, two?!?!?!). This is the song that I think was the base for lovely fruit, because of the variety of instruments. The song sounds so lively, those trumpets and happy sound spread on the song is something the album needed. This is like a song really well done, and having an incredible arrangement and great vocals, and it’s when I think why Nana hasn’t done more songs like this, because this is a style she hasn’t done a lot. I don’t know what to say about the arrangement, there’s so many instruments that I can’t recognize, but doesn’t matter to me, because the song is really joyful and lively, but I really want to know what they are. Another great song from Nana.

Primal Affection

Sounds so familiar to another song she has, but can’t figure out which one is it. The guitar are having a similar sound like Late Summer Tale, but this one having a beat during most of the song, and also this one having some back up singers during the chorus, and thanks to Brand New Tops I’m not really a fan of them. Another odd thing, is that the song reminds me to earlier stages of her and future songs (Brand New Tops & Shounen). I think this is the least favorite song from me, because most of the sound has already been heard, but I like it for its charm and rocking sound.

Hitotsu Dake Chikaeru Nara

The next ballad is a more string oriented song, but seems so different the way the strings are played. The song sounds so beautiful because of the simplicity of this particular song at first, but then quickly adding more sound in it. The piano was kept during the whole song, but Nana is what kept me liking the song, because her vocals are so beautiful and so deep, that is almost cry inducing, but I can handle it. The way the strings are played are again reminding me Disney (why?!?!?). The song for me is different to the other ballad in the song, but this one sounding more abroad and beautiful, while the other is more sad and strong. If she can sing this more on lives, I will really be happy (And if they are included in the lives sold). My favorite ballad from the song.

Eternal Blaze

The last song strangely is not a ballad (just like Supersonic Girl) and is one of most representative songs from Nana, as anytime they play it live, everyone knows the way they need to perform with their lights xD. The song has a more string sound, that is found later in the album, but with some piano parts, and Nana’s vocals making the introduction to the song. The song is so epic thanks to the arrangement and the tie-in it had. I really love the verses and were really original and the way the strings made dramatic parts. The chorus is so incredible, awesome, fascinating and any other adjective you can come up with. Almost everyone who knows Nana will know the chorus or will notice which song based on the chorus. This is the type of arrangement that she should try more (more piano, less strings). The chorus was so unpredictable before the guitar, and then slow moment where she sings before the strings come in again. Even if we don’t notice them, they were playing a lot. The ending for the song with that chorus was so perfect and incredible with the long notes from Nana. A really incredible ending to the album, and so perfect.

Favorite Songs:

Super Generation

Eternal Blaze



Zankou no Gaia


The album was so incredible, there was so many variety in each song from it. I think this was the breakpoint for Nana, because this was the starting point for more incredible albums, one thing about it, is that there were so many good ideas for the album, because songs like Violetta, Faith and Zankou No Gaia were so new for her and turned out so well. And those arrangements for songs like Eternal Blaze or Super Generation were freaking incredible. This is easily one of my favorite albums from Nana (Rockbound Neighbors and Ultimate Diamond are the others until now mentioned).  This is one of those albums that I can recommend to anyone if they want to listen to Nana, because this sets the starting point for her standard sound that is until now.


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