lily white – Binetsu Kara Mystery

Binetsu Kara Mystery


  1. Binetsu kara mystery
  2. Kimi no kuse ni!
  3. Binetsu kara mystery -Off Vocal-
  4. Kimi no kuse ni! -Off Vocal-

Binetsu Kara Mystery

The new single from lily white and we can notice the summer feeling in it. The rocking tune and the atmosphere is so fun and catchy, I really like that Umi started things, and all of the girls just sound so well. Then the chorus comes with less guitars and more vocals and is so catchy, I don’t know if it’s the way of singing but it was so catchy. Then we return to the guitar riff quickly erased by the vocals and some calm drums. The rhythm starts to be more quickly before the chorus, which is something that breaks the way it was the song and which was cool. The song for me still doesn’t surpass any of the 2 previous songs they had, but still it’s a fun track and i like listening to it.

Kimi no Kuse ni!

A more synthy track but with a mid tempo sound, or that’s what it appears like. I notice Rin’s voice is changed when singing for this single, which is a no-no for me, but whatever. The song takes a more calm but fun sound during the duration of it. I think the chorus was the best part of it. One of the best part, was the solos as we could distinguish each of the 3 girls. I really like that I can differentiate the 2 songs from the single and this one by being more synthy but keeping a really cool sound, I still think that Binetsu… stands out more, but this one comes as the semi ballad / mid tempo song and I really love it.


The single was so unexpected for me, because I wanted something different than this, but then considering the summer theme,  it was inevitable. The two songs brought a new sound to lily white and that’s really great, because I wanted more from the sub units. Now my only problem was mostly the change from Rin’s voice, I hope she uses her normal tone. Other than that I think this was a good single. Now I’m only missing the one from BiBi and Printemps.


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