yanaginagi – Euaru



  1. Hontou
  2. Yukitoki
  3. Ao no Parade
  4. concent
  5. helvetica
  6. Ambivalentidea
  7. euaru
  8. Zoetrope
  9. Laterality
  10. Strange Attractor
  11. Qualia
  12. Traslucent
  13. Vidro Moyou
  14. Uso


The first track, and is instrumental but the main thing is that is all done by Nagi (composition and arrangement). Is so calm and soothing as an introduction. It really describes Nagi’s sound with all the sounds that are in it. I think it could have been easily a full vocal track, because the arrangement seems like it. Even so is a very good introduction to the album.


Then the last single begins and the sound is clearly anison but fills the room with the cuteness and happiness because that’s what this song appears like. I like Nagi’s vocals and how she changes in each part of the song the emotion to a more beautiful description denoted in the chorus, which is the part that I most love. I don’t know why but I really loved the song, even if the arrangement is common as anison, the way Nagi sings it made me think it as a different tune. The strings were great in the sections needed, and even the guitar was so cool in the solo. Ever since announced as single, I had some kind of bias and I consider it my favorite song from the singles, but then again, all the singles were cool. A great track for me, and changes the way is Nagi normally perceived, I don’t mind the anison sound.

Ao no Parade

The cuteness still persists with the next track but so different as this song feels so fresh and so different from the previous track, this song can be described as cute, because of the arrangement and Nagi’s vocals. But then the song starts to change with the chorus as the sound starts to expand and being more fun to hear. The way the song flows makes me imagine I’m in a type of park or parade where I enjoy every part of it and just makes me want to dance along. The strings and drums were so cool during the whole song and made me think this is so new for her as well. Clearly the arrangement was intended that way and made me love it, but I still prefer Yukitoki.


Then the B-side from Vidro Moyou starts and this is what Nagi really is. The beats and minimal sound at the verses was so cool, it felt so abstract and gives a mysterious vibe during the whole song. It starts all normal but once the chorus begins, it starts to be more cool, the background vocals are so cool and gives more epicness to the song, the piano and random beats reminded me to sfp (many Nagi and annabel songs remind me to sfp) The song continues with the same vibe during the verses but a little more denoted. Then the solo with the adlibbing from Nagi and fading beats was weird, that then leads to the chorus again but more powerful than before. The background vocals were so cool and made Nagi stand out more in the song. A great song, and great inclusion in the album.


This is weirder than concent, as it starts slower with Nagi’s characteristic minimalistic sound denoted and singing low but myterious. Then the beats start to begin and that’s when the chorus begins, with more predomination with the vocals behind Nagi’s and strange beats here and there, that’s what made the chorus so cool. And those beats were here to stay and now I can hear them more during the song, but more weirdness was added in it, that made it stand out different than from the previous verse. I love how nagi sings the last lines before the chorus, just awesome. The vocals were so mysterious during all the song and makes me wonder where Nagi is getting her inspiration (This is another song written, composed and arranged by her) One of my favorites from the album.


The depressing setting continues with the intro for Ambivalentidea, as the piano and strings make the song feel like that. I can’t help feeling trapped by the song. Then once Nagi starts to sing, I begin to immerse myself more as she sings so cool, combined with those strings that start to grow now joined by the drums and more backing vocals, make the song more powerful in sound. And that’s when the song start to change, the next verses changes so much and is cool with those “ahhh”. And then all instruments start to be heard more and the song just becomes so powerful and epic. And once the last chorus begins it becomes so great as nagi shouts more and makes the song almost perfect. Another favorite from the album.


Another new song from the album appears and this begins so simple with piano and Nagi, but the quickly this changes to a more beat oriented song but retaining some of the sound at the beginning. It sounds like a more happier helvetica but keeping the mystery in it. Considering that is another Nagi’s composition, you can perceive it, with the strangeness where there are no vocals, and the instruments just try to feel you the same way. And that’s what makes the song so different from the others, how the mix from happiness and weirdness is being done and working great. I love how Nagi sings here as it she makes you feel the song so perfectly. Another cool song.


Then the 4th side begins, Nagi and strings before giving the rocking intro for Zoetrope and as we know it is not the first rock track from her, but because she had explored that side before, they make a more rock oriented song than Laterality. I love how the chorus just screams epic with the band sound and strings combined. It sounds so different and incredible from beginning to end. It shows some incredible sections that are so powerful and Nagi doesn’t stay behind as her voice was so cool and fitting for the rhythm of the song. Then the solo/interlude just begs for more rock powerness and that’s what we get. I haven’t heard quite well until where I think that combo of strings / guitar was so cool. The perfect ocassion for drums was during the last lines before the chorus. This just screams epic again for Nagi. Another cool and great song.


Since the beginning this song is pure awesomeness, the combination of guitars with the piano interludes are so freaking cool. It’s just so well combined that I liked every bit of it. Then the chorus begins and the power increases and the songs just becomes more epic. Then Nagi uses a voice that can stand during the rock parts, so that’s a good thing. I always imagined that this song with some synths could be a sfp tune, so you can see the influence. The pounding drums are so great once I noticed them, is like I’m hearing Zoetrope but more epic and rockerish, and I’m happy this was released before. I think what it got me was the piano, it was so freaking cool, even the solo was so creative and unexpected for a solo in it. Some think Zoetrope but I much prefer this one. Such an awesome song.

Strange Attractor

Then the song continues with a more piano oriented but more synthy with Strange Attractor, I am already liking it with Nagi singing so cool and her voice distorted was unexpected but as well great. And the chorus just starts and gives awesomness everywhere, the sound remains the same, but Nagi is the one keeping entertained as she sings awesomely. It’s a more controlled Laterality and oriented to the piano, so I think of the 3 songs (Zoetrope, Laterality, Strange Attractor) as the combo with change of predominant instrument. Then the solo I think of it in 2 parts, the guitar solo and then another cool piano solo (both solos were freaking great). Sounds so spacy and original from my point of view and can show that Nagi can almost do anything she wants. One of my favorite ones.


The piano intro sounds so sad and well done, and once Nagi sings the song starts to get the feeling of sadness, and traps me with her beautiful voice under the spell of the next part where the beats start to join the song and make the song weird in a good sense. and then you start hearing Nagi with higher vocals and well executed. After the awesomeness we return to the original sound but quickly the beats return and you can sense the feeling of the whole song. I didn’t like the piano being used when the beat was in, as it felt weird, but didn’t affect much the song. A strange but good song.


This sounds as a more happy Qualia, as the piano sounds really cool. Then Nagi enters and follows the rhythm of the piano with her voice and that was so cool, and follows this during almost all the song. I like the the backing vocals heard during the verses, which makes the song a little more pleasant. The only problem related to this was that the song follows the same rhythm all along and doesn’t progress into a much bigger sound only in a part where nagi sings in a higher pitch. Thankfully the last part just breaks that and makes the song awesome with the backing vocals and all increasing in sound to become more powerful and left with a good impression, but then we return to the original sound until the end. I like the song but I wished it had more of that epic sound it had in almost the last part.

Vidro Moyou

The 1st A-side which is another song that made me love Nagi, those constant beats and the adlibing from Nagi was so enjoyable. Then after that, we hear her sing in a calm voice while keeping the beats and some more instruments start to come along. Then the chorus come along and I love it to death it’s so simple but so cool at the same time, that I can’t stop liking it. The song continues with the same flow but doesn’t hurt it one bit, because I’m enjoying this a lot and Nagi just sings in a way that keeps me wanting to hear more. I think the simplicity of the beats and Nagi was the perfect option of a song. And I love how this mixes so well in the anime, which is how I found out about Nagi’s solo career. Such an incredible song and I love it.


The last song from the album returns some of the sound from Hontou but now with vocals and sounds  so weird as I hear some distortion in my headphones but this dissapears mostly once she starts to sing, I like how the instruments were so simple in the song, but then some quick solo enters and it was so cool to continue with some vocals somewhat distorted, so weird. I think this was the perfect choice to end the album, but the problem that it was too short as well.

Favorite Songs:

Vidro Moyou






This was such a perfect album for Nagi, she immersed herself in some many styles and almost all of it worked, I felt the album it was so powerful even when half of it was from the singles. The A-sides were so cool and were most of my favorites but the new songs were so cool and innovative as well, I think she needs to show this more on her singles so they can see the great side of Nagi. One of my favorite albums from the year.


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