Minami Kuribayashi – ZERO!!



  1. ZERO!!
  2. Suki Janakattara


A classic anison sound starts with Minami entering the song with her vocals to entertain us since the beginning. I love how she sings to keep me interested until it reaches the chorus. The best thing is the chorus, those synths combined with the vocals made me love the song. Is your typical anison song, but I don’t care because it is doing the job of making me like the song. Since it was shown on the anime of Maou, I couldn’t stop listening it, and it is the same until this day. The solo of the song, was great but very similar to others I heard. Great A-side

Suki Janakattara

Then a ballad comes in as the B-side, and Minami’s voice seems more controlled than the previous song, but the arrangement seems very tipical, so I don’t know what to think. And as the chorus begins, it starts to grow as a midtempo/ballad song, that you can enjoy thanks to the vocals, the arrangement as well even when is so simple. The changing strings with the drums were a great combo to make the song interesting. It’s the first time I heard it but sounds so good, maybe because there’s no such high pitch voice and I can sing along as the song is so fun. Very typical song, and yet so good.


After fully hearing the single, I can say this was a great single. ZERO!! was just a great rock tune with some catchy/typical tune combined with great vocals, that makes you want to hear it again and again. And then the B-side was a ballad, but I liked it because of the middle arrangement and Minami’s vocals. She needs to try that deeper voice more, as it is so good. Great single.


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