Faylan – wonder fang

wonder fang


  1. wonder fang
  2. Blue sanction


wonder fang

The classic style of faylan can be found in this song, pounding guitars and the great voice of faylan. It reminds me to GOD FATE, but this seems more controlled and not over the place like I would expected. I mean the tune is cool and faylan just sings great, but I can’t feel something amazing from the song, faylan doesn’t do something with her voice to impress, it always stays in the same range (except in a tiny bit). Even the arrangement sounds so similar to her first singles and doesn’t stand out to me. An okay A-side.

Blue sanction

Blue sanction tries to follow the steps from wonder fang, but this one is more interesting with the constant change in the song that keeps you in the song. Obviously the signature guitars are present in this song, but here are better done and faylan just performing some great vocals. Even the solo was so great, and after that to compensate some piano so we can then return to the classic guitars and get to the rock sound until the end of the song. I really prefer this song over wonder fang.


I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t so disappointed from faylan since Blood Teller, I mean all of her singles have been great, but when we get to wonder fang, the song doesn’t do nothing for me, it stays all the same and nothing captures my attention as quick as like Blue sanction. In that song, there was awesomeness with vocals and the solo, and the changes in the guitar sound was so great. I hope her new single compensates this. An okay single.


2 thoughts on “Faylan – wonder fang

  1. Ah you like faylan, that’s cool. From what I’ve seen (limited though), it does seem that a few more people prefer blue sanction to wonder fang.

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