Perfume – Spending all my time



  1. Spending all my time
  2. Point
  3. Hurly Burly

Spending all my time

This repetitive song like Take me Take me was unexpected for many, but I think because of the global concept they tried to do an all-english song that can be catchy and popular. The beats sound great and I think the arrangement was cool (thanks Nakata), and combining it with that chorus that makes you wanna dance, I think they made another instant hit with this song, even if there aren’t many solos as we wish. And now that I saw more from the dance of the song, I gotta say it is also awesome. The length of the song isn’t bad either as the flow of the song just takes you easily to enjoy and dance. Unexpected but good A-side.


After I read a review for this song, I can confirm the same, this is so Katamari style, I mean after playing those games, this song just takes you there, to enjoy playing and the cute voices also did well to complement the style. The arrangement is cute, funny like it’s for Kyary but towards a more Perfume sound that they can easily perform. The chorus was my favorite part, but maybe because of the way it goes. Again no solos :(, but I looove the arrangement, so it is another great song.

Hurly Burly

A more dance track than Spending? Ok, that’s strange in a single, and as well that it had 3 tracks, rare in a Perfume single. The arrangement for me sounds so club friendly, but seems more international regarding the sound, but that’s just me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. This makes me want to dance even more, and the chorus is so catchy. I don’t know what Nakata was thinking when doing this song, but props on the result.



This was from the first singles I heard when I started to listen to Perfume, and is so good, every single track brought something good to the perfume sound, spending all my time was good even with the English lyrics, as the chorus was so catchy and led you to dance. Point was the best song for me as the arrangement was perfect and the vocals so cute. And Hurly Burly brought another dance-like song and with a more international sound. One of my favorite singles.


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