Annabel – Small Worldrop

small worldrop


  1. Small Worldrop
  2. Shihyou

Small Worldrop

The intro was so cool, but unexpected once you consider all the song’s flow. This song is so relax and perfect for Annabel’s voice, then it continues to grow until the chorus where I think is the best part from the song, so good and different from an anison song. Considering it’s tie-in to RDG, the Opening is so weird, as it should be more mysterious but the song itself stands out, with those piano-string combinations and how Annabel mixes in with the song. The only thing I consider is that should have ended like in the opening, because it leaves a more epic impression.


I love Small Worldrop, but I prefer this song more, with the arrangement and Annabel’s voice, I was instantly fascinated, and I adore every part of the song with its piano and guitar parts. This song reminds me a lot to school food punishment.  Annabel did a great job in the final part of the chorus, as those pauses were so cool and her “aha” as well. So at the end, every thing for me was perfect in the song.


After her 1st album, Annabel starts this era with Small Worldrop and I gotta say is such a great single, both songs represent what Annabel can do, those strange-good folk song or rock-influenced tracks were so welcomed and so good. Now we’re just missing her synthy single and everything will be good, but then again I’m missing to review Alternative.


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