Nana Mizuki – Junketsu Paradox


  1. Junketsu Paradox
  2. 7COLORS
  3. Stay Gold

Junketsu Paradox

Junketsu Paradox the most recent single from Nana, with this song we hear a common Nana, strong in the song, I think after Scarlet Knight is quite a strong song, but not as strong as Scarlet Knight, but that doesn’t mean is bad. The song adds several orchestra-like sounds that make the song unique in its own way. Also the solo rocks. A very good song.


We enter into a more cutesy pop song from Nana with some rock-style sound but that is as well catchy in the chorus. Sometimes her voice sounds more anime like, but even so, the song is amazing in its own way. I think it’s a good B-side.

Stay Gold

The last B-side of the single and I gotta say that is some blowout song. I mean the song is very powerful in voice, arrangement and very edging for Nana, I gotta say, this song could have been the A-side, due to the epicness that shows in the chorus and voice from Nana. It’s amazing how she starts slow and throws it all in the chorus, that makes it perfect. Favorite song from single 🙂


Nana continues to impress us with her last single, this is a better single than Scarlet Knight but I gotta say if scarlet knight was combined with pop master things will be different. I think if she continues this way, everything will be mind-blowing. I hope it does so with her new single that is released in January.


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